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    January 30th, 2012adminUncategorized

    Felix Obelix is playing two special shows in February, back to back in Durham, NC and you’re invited to both:

    Friday, February 17, 8:15pm, Manbites Dog Theatre (703 Foster Street, Durham, NC) A repeat performance of Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Pet, an animated short from the early 1920s by Winsor McCay, in which a man eats a rarebit, falls asleep, dreams that a pet comes to stay, horrible things ensue, explosions, destruction, etc. Billy Sugarfix and I will be performing the live, original score, timed to line up with the short, on organ/xylophone/glockenspiel/auxiliary percussion.  This is part of the Strange Beauty Film Festival, and will be included in the Friday night block of films. Tickets to this performance/film showing can be purchased at the Manbites Dog website. This festival sold out last year, so buy tickets early!

    Saturday, February 18, 8:00pm, 108 Morris St., Durham, NCFelix Obelix will open for a large-scale sound/art installation by Greensboro geniuses Invisible. Entitled, The New Obsolete, Invisible will be set up for the month of February, doing weekend performances on a variety of handmade analog/digital instruments.  One of these will be the Selectric Piano – a typewriter rigged to “allow a typist to become an experimental pianist. Each letter typed equals one note played.”  I curated the Liminal Festival in 2009 and had Invisible do their analog drum machine performance, and it was a highlight of that.  This is that times 100.  I am honored to be included in a great list of openers for this ongoing performance, and in the spirit of Invisible, I am going to try, in addition to the Felix Obelix songs you already know, to do some live oboe+loop pedal business. This is only $7 – a bargain for this type of performance!

    Lastly, Wendy will be showing a solo collage/mixed media art exhibit at the Open Eye Cafe in downtown Carrboro, NC for the month of March, 2012.  More on that later!

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    November 16th, 2011adminUncategorized

    Hi again,

    The month of November 2011 brings you two interesting Felix Obelix updates!

    1) Josh Kimbrough, Felix Obelix, Yandrew, Cassis Orange, and Prypyat will be playing some songs while you drink cider/hot chocolate, on November 16 at the Trekky House (113 Huse St., Chapel Hill, NC) Yandrew is a new collaboration between Yan Westerlund (Bowerbirds, Mount Moriah, Lost in the Trees) and Drew Anagnost (Lost in the Trees). This will be their DEBUT SHOW!!! Prypyat is a collaboration between Duncan Webster (Hammer No More The Fingers) and Leah Gibson (Lost in the Trees).  This show is brought to you by the Trekky House and Special Passenger Records (Missouri) to mark the release of the latter’s compilation album which celebrates music communities all across our country. Now that the compilation (featuring Daniel Hart, Midtown Dickens, Butterflies, and others) has been released, Special Passenger records is taking the album on tour to each band’s hometown to discover more about the communities, meet and talk to wonderful people, film interesting and beautiful things, and share it all on their website: http://feelslikecominghome.com/.  Show starts at 6:30pm; Felix Obelix second at 7pm.

    2) A song by Felix Obelix will be featured in the CD compilation of an issue of Southern Cultures, the magazine put out by the UNC Southern Folklife Collection, to be available in November. Word has it that also on this compilation will be the Avett Brothers, Archers of Loaf, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Last Year’s Men,  Doc and Merle Watson, and the Lumbee congregation, Union Chapel Community Baptist Church, led by Pastor Jimmy Strickland and Sister Flora.  I can’t tell you how psyched I am about this, as I’ve heard nothing but how hard the Union Chapel Community Baptist Church ROCKS OUT. When it’s out and available, I will let you know!

    Cheers! Wendy

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    October 11th, 2011adminUncategorized

    Hi there, members of the Felix Obelix all-star fan club, with your shiny mail-ordered decoder rings on your fingers, the kind that don’t exist. I want to invite you to a very special Felix Obelix performance of something I’ve never done before, which is similar to every other Felix Obelix performance, i.e. something that’s not been done before by me. On Saturday, October 22, at the Pinhook in Durham, NC, Felix Obelix will perform an original, live soundtrack to the 1921 animated short Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Pet by Winsor McCay. Winsor McCay “invented” cartoons, with his important work Gertie the Dinosaur and was also known for his newspaper comics strips, notably, Little Nemo in Slumberland. This cartoon is based on a series of comics where a character eats a Welsh rarebit (a kind of heavy, gooey, cheesy toast meal) and then proceeds to have a nightmare. In this creature feature, a wittle bitty cutey pet shows up and mischief ensues, and then the cartoon takes some very dark and funny turns. The animation is sophisticated and fluid as Winsor McCay drew every single frame, something like 4000 of them, by hand, because this was in the days before the traditional animation studio. The score is for organ, xylophone, auxiliary percussion and glockenspiel, and I’m pleased to say I roped Billy Sugarfix into performing it as a duet. While Billy may have performed on mallet percussion in his early music major percussion ensemble years, this represents my public xylophone debut. In addition to this soundtrack, I’ll also be performing some “regular” Felix Obelix songs. This entire show is a celebration of Le Weekend’s pre-release show, which is a wacky concept in which Le Weekend has planned to record an album on Sunday, Oct. 23 at the Pinhook itself, so to pump themselves up, they are having a pre-release show, playing the songs before the recording is even made, the night before the recording. Are you confused? By how much? I think, rather, you should just get excited and come. Show starts at 9:30pm.

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    June 29th, 2011adminUncategorized
    Friday, July 8 at Jessee’s in Carrboro – show starts EARLY at 8pm, and I go on at 9pm.  Also performing will be The Habit and Lost Trail.  This is part of Carrboro’s Second Friday Artwalk series, and will be al fresco, in the balmy North Carolinian summer.  It’s FREE!  If I push myself in the next two weeks, I may have some new songs and some oboe-playing through loop pedals (!).
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    May 5th, 2011adminUncategorized

    Felix Obelix will do its live soundtrack business on Friday, May 13 at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill, for the experimental film ‘Drifting’ by Malic Amalya.  This is a repeat performance for those who missed it at the Strange Beauty Film Festival in February 2011.  Also on that bill will be Fan Modine and Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands.  Another show is set for Friday, July 8 at Jessee’s in Carrboro, so mark your calendars now!

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    February 27th, 2011adminUncategorized

    Upcoming gigs – hope to see you there!

    Friday, March 4 at 9:30pm at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill, NC, with The Lisps, The Forms and Towers.wendyinred

    Friday, July 8 at 8:00pm at Jessee’s in Carrboro, NC. 2nd Friday artwalk.

    Both of these shows are the Wendy solo version of Felix Obelix, which you will see much more of in 2011!

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    January 3rd, 2011adminUncategorized

    The Strange Beauty Film Festival (http://www.strangebeauty.org/) will be held Feb. 17-19 at Manbites Dog Theatre in Durham. After the last block of films on Saturday, Feb. 19 filmgoers andeveryone else are invited to partake of strange and beautiful music and art at Motorco Music Hall, just up the street. Justin Robinson (of the Carolina Chocolate Drops) & the Mary Annettes will serenade you; Felix Obelix will bring its eccentric pop and Schooner will headline with its poppy tunes and unusual lyrics. In between the last two acts, Alexis Mastromichalis will perform a dance collaboration.  Tickets are $7 general admission, and $5 if you flash your Strange Beauty festival ticket.  If you want to see the films, buy a ticket now – last year the festival sold out!

    strange&beautifulAlso just added: solo Wendy + ipod show on Saturday, Jan. 15 at the Pinhook in Durham, with Amor de Cosmos and Joy in Red.  This guy is coming and so should you.

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    November 4th, 2010adminUncategorized

    We’ve got a song featured in the interactive multimedia documentary “Out My Window: Interactive Views from the Global Highrise“!  You can watch it on the web – it’s 360 degree, entirely online, you move around the various apartments of people in cities around the world as they tell their stories.  It’s beautiful, and we’re so happy to have been a part of it!  It was also featured on BoingBoing.  ~Wendy

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    October 26th, 2010adminUncategorized

    You’ll remember that in February 2010, we released The Tick of the Clock, the Beat in the Chest, Felix Obelix’s first full-length.  In conjunction with the cd release show, people who attended that show wrote a letter to themselves, which I have dutifully hung onto for 8 months.  And now, they’re out!  They’re out in the mail and if you haven’t yet, you will soon be receiving yours via US Post.  It’s a letter from your past self! 

    I am very curious about the experience of receiving this letter from your past selves, and I encourage you to comment here on this blog post’s comments section about anything having to do with the project: what it was like to write it, did you remember anything you wrote, how had things changed for you, or any other feelings you had when you read your past self’s message to your current self.  Just think, when you wrote it in February, October 2010 was squarely in the Future, and now that future is your present.  Mind-boggling, no?

    Please leave a comment! thanks, Wendy

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    October 18th, 2010adminUncategorized

    The return of Felix Obelix in a full band situation happens Saturday, November 20 at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill.  In addition to Wendy (bass/vocals) and Billy (drums), joining the band will be Doug Vuncannon on Acetone Top-5 organ, David Eisenband on xylophone and glockenspiel and Anuraag Pendyall on keys.  Opening will be a preview of the amazing sci-fi pop opera by Seamus Kenney.  A night of sit-down/boogie-down music that does what I keep harping on as being the next wave of everything –genre-bending.  I hope to see you there!

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