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  • (Lucky Number) 13th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry! Felix Obelix presents…

    May 17th, 2017adminUncategorized

    After an 800+ mile drive through wildflowered mountains and rolling hills and flat, wind-swept cornfields, I’ve arrived in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, here to present (as Felix Obelix, no less) my MMus research at the 13th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. As a diehard musician (“practitioner” in the parlance), I feel a bit of an imposter here, amongst the academics but I’m here no less. On Saturday (May 20 at 4pm in Engineering Room 106B1, if you happen to be around…) I’m be presenting on “Vulnerability, Trust and the Social Dynamic in Creative Collaboration: An Arts-Based Research Perspective”. Though everyone who’s ever played music with another person knows of it implicitly, I’ve tried to untangle some of the threads of how musicians negotiate psychological and emotional components while writing new music together. What do we talk about when we talk about co-creation? I explored this by both researching the field and then actually doing the thing, with my lovely collaborators. See below for more. I’d love feedback on this project! xxx Wendy / Felix Obelix

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  1. The videos are great. I hope the presentation went well. I look forward to hearing all about it.

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