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    Felix Obelix’s second album, The Ringtone Album, 2013 (Potluck Foundation label)

    The five videos below represent original musical soundtracks I composed to existing pieces of film. In most cases, I composed, performed, recorded and mixed the soundtrack. In the case of ‘Up, Down, Around’ (the fourth video), I also produced and mixed all foley sound. If you’d like me to write original music for your film or video project, feel free to contact me at

    To listen to (and purchase, if you’re feeling stellar) either of Felix Obelix’s albums, visit

    Felix Obelix’s second album, The Ringtone Album, 2013 (Potluck Foundation label)

    Felix Obelix’s first album, The Tick of the Clock, the Beat in the Chest, 2010 (Pox World Empire)

    The Cameraman’s Revenge – Strange Beauty Film Festival 2014 – debut of Felix Obelix’s original score to The Cameraman’s Revenge, a 1912 animated short by Ladislas Starewicz. Wendy Spitzer (composer + piano); Josh Starmer (cello); and Missy Thangs (organ). June 14, 2014 at the Manbites Dog Theatre in Durham, NC. Thanks to ISLAND’s Hill House residency program for granting me the time and space to compose this score.

    Live soundtrack to ‘Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend: The Pet’ by early animation pioneer Winsor McCay (1921). Original score by Felix Obelix, performed live at the Strange Beauty Film Festival, Durham, NC in February 2012 . Wendy Spitzer on Acetone Top-5 organ and xylophone; Billy Sugarfix ( on xylophone, glockenspiel, aux percussion and slide whistle. Thank you to festival curators Jim Haverkamp and Joyce Ventimiglia of Strange Beauty for inviting us to do this performance.

    Short videos to four of the songs on The Ringtone Album, all conceived and executed by Wendy Spitzer. Archival footage from and Video footage for “Sneaking Suspicion” shot on location and without permission, Embassy Suites, Greensboro, NC.Thanks to Rachael Fiorentino for editing assistance with ‘Silver Rings’. All videos made in 2012-2013.

    Interview about the time capsule show, as part of The SugarfixMix TV show:

    Felix Obelix interview from FelixObelix on Vimeo.

    Stop-motion promo video for 2009 tour. Music by Felix Obelix; animation by Wendy Spitzer, Brian Risk and Billy Sugarfix:

    Felix Obelix SXSW Tour 2009 from FelixObelix on Vimeo.