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  • ISLAND Hill House residency, January 2013

    February 26th, 2013adminUncategorized

    Hello again!
    It’s taken me almost a month to process the experience, but I/Felix Obelix was selected to attend the Hill House emerging musician residency in beautiful Bellaire, Michigan for two weeks in January 2013, a wonderful opportunity brought to you by ISLAND – institute for sustainable living, art and natural design. I applied for this program last year, specifically to have time to score another silent film, which will be, along with the ringtone album release, performed later in 2013. In snowy northern Michigan without a car, in a cabin alone for two weeks, I was able to write all the music AND score it for bass/piano/organ AND generate all the sheet music as well. I also made some art, and wrote some piano songs and recorded all the vocal takes to the upcoming ringtone album. Every day, I would bundle up and trudge through the beautiful snowy wilderness, startling in its white/brown/black/ochre color scheme. For those who have never been in residency before: residencies like this can vary, with some being social art colonies and some more isolated, and this was definitely on the extreme end of isolation, due mostly for the winter period I chose to attend. ISLAND stocked the fridge for me and gave me firewood, and the enormous cabin filled with piano and books — it was near-heaven for an artistic introvert. I highly recommend it, and their wonderful organization, both. It’s only February now, but I know this will be a highlight for 2013 for me. A brief account of the experience, with photos, can also be found here.

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