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  • Felix Obelix piano music composed/performed for ‘Arcadia’ – a play by Tom Stoppard

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    Deep Dish Theater Company in Chapel Hill, NC presents the Tom Stoppard play Arcadia, playing now through March 22, 2014. I was approached to do the score to the play, which is all piano-based, and wrote and recorded it within the span of just a week. The play is fascinating in that it switches between 1809 and the present, and I was tasked with writing music for both periods, and at the end, when the two time periods collide onstage, with music that fit in both. The play is loosely about time, memory, history, science, big data, patterns, chaos theory, love, and waltzing (a lot of waltzing), and was therefore right up my alley. I have not seen the production yet, but I will do so, and participate in a panel discussion (the designer’s talkback session) after the show on Thursday, March 13. Tickets for the performances that are not yet sold out, are available for purchase online.

    I had to write 1) music for a girl “playing piano badly” which is surprisingly difficult for someone who actually plays piano; 2) a modern improvisation that would suggest motifs from the early 19th century waltz; 3) an early 19th century waltz; 3) an almost-waltz; and 4) a time-traveling waltz that closes out the show. I read the entire play (and many parts of it twice) because it is very heady, though still a comedic piece. There were many ways in which the music can provide a bit of foreshadowing, and I used that almost like motifs are used in opera. I cannot wait to hear this live and I hope to see you there, at any of the performances or the talkback session on March 13. Deep Dish Theatre Company is located inside University Mall. Thanks to Douglas Vuncannon for passing my name along to Marc Maximov (sound designer for the production), and to Sara Zaleta, for letting me practice on her Yamaha grand.

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