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  • Felix Obelix debuts “The Cameraman’s Revenge” – live, original silent film score, in June 2014 (plus relocation news!)

    May 24th, 2014adminUncategorized

    Diehard Felix Obelix enthusiasts may remember that I traveled to northern Michigan in January 2013 to write a score to the 1911 stop-motion animated classic, The Cameraman’s RevengePolish-Russian animator Ladislas Starewicz created this genius piece of short film in 1911, in which insects (real insects) find themselves involved in extramarital affairs. It stands the test of time for its craftsmanship and humor, and I thank the Institute for Sustainable Living and Natural Design (ISLAND)’s Hill House residency program for the opportunity to write this score in the splendor of the Michigan wilds.

    Now, after a few revisions, it is finally time to debut the score live. I’ll be playing the piano, and will be joined by Felix Obelix stalwarts Josh Starmer (cello) and Missy Thangs (organ). The two performances are:

    • at the Strange Beauty Film Festival, on the afternoon matinee block, 2pm on Saturday, June 14, 2014. This festival sells out every year, and is beautifully curated by Jim Haverkamp and Joyce Ventimiglia. This is not the first time Felix Obelix has presented a film/music offering at Strange Beauty, and I’m delighted to be part of it again. Buy tickets here.
    • at the farewell Billy Sugarfix/Wendy show at the Cat’s Cradle Backroom, 8pm on Saturday, June 21, 2014. This really will start early, so get there early! Billy will be telling stories and playing songs with his new band, along with some other storytelling-songwriters of local repute. Going to be fun! And yes, this is a farewell show, as Billy and I are moving to the Czech Republic at the end of June.

    That’s right: Felix Obelix is relocating to the Czech Republic until at least June 2015. I fully plan to continue writing music, and even have a commission to write a piece for high school chorus (!) later this year. But as far as local-to-North-Carolina performances, those will end on the 21rst of June.




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