the musical brainchild of Wendy Spitzer
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    Felix Obelix is the compositional/songwriting project of Wendy Spitzer. Her music is a jerky blend of rocksy whatnot, avant-garde whosit and multiple-meter mathematical moxie: the twisted hits from unpopular Big-Note piano books that never were. A mash of her time spent in classical, experimental and pop circles, this is a musical cocktail mixed by a barmaid with adventuresome taste. Song topics lie squarely in the land of dread. The inevitable march of time, finding meaning in life before death, the sticky mess of memory — these are all handled with a wry ear for irony, but with ample heart too. Felix Obelix is the idea that you can’t go home again, and wouldn’t want to if you could, and if you did, you would find it had been razed to the ground, with a Gulp-and-Go built in its place. There you would buy your slushee and marvel in its sweet goodness, because hey you’re thirsty, and you always hated that house anyway.

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    Many, many talented folks have been involved in live performances and recordings.  Thanks to Josh Starmer, Ardyn Flynt, Missy Thangs, Terry Lonergan, Billy Sugarfix, Anuraag Pendyal, Doug Vuncannon, David Eisenband, Jay Cartwright, Dylan Thurston, Lawson Bennett, Shannon Morrow, Lu Lubenstein, Wes Phillips (RIP), Wylie Pamplin, Nate Osborne, Aaron Smithers, Stuart Robinson, David Jordan, Colin Booy & Emma Nadeau.  Additional special thanks to Brian Risk and Nick Peterson.

    And thanks to the many folks who have participated in projects and whom I consider to be invested in this band as well: people who video-taped themselves or brought something for the time capsule project in January 2009; people who put something in the best decision/biggest regret box in March 2009. Thank you for letting me into your brain, via your participation. There will continue to be participatory brain-picking projects in the future.